how it works:


I am Phaedra, a professional style consultant with over ten years of styling experience. I have worked with clients from all ends of the spectrum, from working mothers, to men, models in editorial publications, to serving a high profile private clientele.

My goal as a stylist is to help my clients discover and refine their innate vision and to convey it with grace. I aim to curate capsule wardrobe collections for my clients and subscribe to a “less is more” philosophy. I believe in quality over quantity. If you are willing to invest in items that are timeless, functional and that you truly love, you will get so much more bang for your buck. 

I view clothing as a medium of artistry and my greatest joy is to help provide others with a platform for self-expression and individuality. If you want to breathe a sigh of joy and relief each time you open up your closet, contact me and let me help get you there!


- Schedule:

Once you have purchased your selected package + completed the questionnaire listed under the services page, I will contact you to set up our initial phone consult.

- Initial Consult:

This is the time to discuss the info you shared on your style questionnaire plus any other details you feel will help me to better serve you. Prior to the consult, feel free to email me any images you like (celebs, outfits, trends, etc.) + any items you need so I can keep those in mind when putting together your personal style guide. 

- Preparing your style guide:

Following the consult, I will put together your personal style guide which will be delivered to you within 5-7 days from the initial consult.

- Go + shop:

You can now shop the items from your personalized style guide or select for me to do it for you via the “purchase & ship” option. 


I am a professional and work in a hospital so I tended to buy work clothes and not have anything I love for the weekends. Even though I had SO many clothes, I had always had the experience of not having anything to wear. I also have an athletic/petite build and never felt great in certain styles that other people seemed to look good in.

Phaedra has been amazing with transforming my wardrobe into a beautiful collection of pieces that fully express who I am. She has so much knowledge and talent inside and outside the fashion/styling world, and she infuses her passion for creating a versatile and sustainable wardrobe into everything she does. All pieces in my closet can literally be mixed and matched and it all works.

I have pieces that will ALWAYS look good on me because they are styles that work well with my body. I also now have the tools I need to continue to buy clothing for myself. It’s so crazy how my closet went from 40-50 pieces that I never wore, to 15 pieces that I LOVE. If you want your closet and confidence transformed, Phaedra is your woman.”

- Alyssa B., Los Angeles, CA.